Hope everyone knows the rules


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  1. Posted by nolascadrian14, — Reply

    WHY DO I KEEP ON THINKING THAT THE BISHOP IS THE QUEEN? I SEE IT EVERY TIME AND LIKE, ‘NO! THE QUEEN CAN KILL HIM!’ but the last frame help me remember that it’s not the queen. Thanks. :)

  2. Posted by neonmiguel, — Reply

    JAJAJA no se porque me río de estas cosas XD Pd: como solo yo se jugar ajedrez en mi casa fui el único que le entedio, mis hermanos no tuvieron ni puta idea. Solo por si ustedes querian saber XD

  3. Posted by willowcharm6, — Reply

    Wth, the bishop can literally move, like why is it “stuck?” It may not be able to attack, but it can still move? Is it waiting for smth??

  4. Posted by Pudimzinfofin, — Reply

    Bem, poderia mexer o dado menor pra trás do lado direito que, se a pessoa for burra o suficiente, vai pra tua frente e tu pode pegar ela :v

  5. Posted by Tomie_Original, — Reply

    Bem acontece muito isso nas partidas de xadrez, se bem que quando acontece isso, até que ajuda um pouco, na hora de matar as outras pessoas, mas as vezes atrapalha, mas ok né, kkkk. ^_^

  6. Posted by alhugandu101101, — Reply

    This is brilliant! 😂😂😂 was reaal confused at first when white missed for no reason and black sprouted 4 fricking arms

  7. Posted by gatafofasuperkawaii, — Reply

    O bispo ele so anda na diagonal e o peao so anda pra frente porem ambos capturam na diagonal se o bispo sair dali ambas peças pode sair do lugar é simples

  8. Posted by arageist, — Reply

    I always imagined whats its like if the pieces were alive it would be so awkward for them to stand right next to eachother.

  9. Posted by jennygamer72, — Reply

    Eu: "meu humor é muito sofisticado..." Pessoa: "Como assim?" Eu:...

  10. Posted by XxJulietaRiverosxX, — Reply

    Obvio que van a quedar así, en el ajedrez o en las damas los dos oponentes tienen que estar en el mismo color de casilla

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